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ATV trailer Peasant 1

Additional accessories for the ATV trailer Peasant 1:

 Accessories:  Price excl. VAT:
 Support wheel 35 €
 Support leg 28 €


The best ratio of carrying capacity to the trailer’s own weight on the market. A voluminous body, low center of gravity and high stability of the trailer when tilted sideways. This trailer, intended for four-wheelers, small tractors, UTVs and stronger garden tractors, is equipped with wide 18″ tires that are gentle on your lawn and at the same time guarantee sufficient off-road accessibility, thanks to which you can use it fully and safely for work in the orchard, in the field and also in the forest. The trailer is easily tipped with the help of a practical foot pedal, so without bending your back. Already in the basic price, you get both a classic ISO 50 hitch and a hitch with a pin for connection behind mower tractors. The robust design, high-quality surface finish and body made of durable plastic guarantee that by purchasing this trailer you will have something at home that you can rely on for many years.
Price excl. VAT 621,-€
Price incl. VAT by country
On request


Load capacity 700 kg
Weight 70 kg
Overall dimensions of the trailer (L x W x H) 253 x 140 x 92 cm
Body dimensions (L x W x H) 177 x 100 x 45 cm
Body volume ca 800 l
Wheel size 18 x 8,5 - 8
Wheel bearings ball bearings
The possibility of road-approval for operation on public roads NO
Body material/thickness plastic/5 mm
Drawbar length from front face 90 cm
Optimal height of the towing device from the ground 27 - 37 cm
The type of trailer suspension equipment included in the price ISO 50 + mower tractor

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